About this blog – old

Hello my name is Prem Prabhakaran.

I am an asst. professor at the Department of Advanced Materials and Chemical Engineering, Hannam University, Daejeon, South Korea. This is my blog about laser direct writing. I have been active in this field of research for the past ten years. First as a graduate student and now as a professor. The history of direct laser writing goes back almost three decades[1]. It has become more common and accessible in the past decade because of commercially available laser direct writing lithography machines from Nanoscibe, Microlight Technologies (formerly associated with TEEM photonics), Laser Zentrum Hannover etc. The rise of 3D printing has also pushed this technology more into the public eye. Past five years have seen rapid developments in hardware and materials related to this technology. This technology is reaching the point of take-off where the combination of materials and techniques developed over the past many years can be applied for mass market applications. This blog is my attempt to keep track of this rapidly growing field of research. I will attempt to introduce it to the wider public as well as try to look at various issues facing it in its current form. Beyond everything this blog is an attempt to learn more about this field of technology. I will try my best to provide the most useful information from most relavant sources.

[1] Spangenberg, Arnaud, Nelly Hobeika, Fabrice Stehlin, Jean-Pierre Malval, Fernand Wieder, Prem Prabhakaran, Patrice Baldeck, and Olivier Soppera. “Recent advances in two-photon stereolithography.” In Updates in Advanced Lithography. InTech, 2013.